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New Patients To Grow Your Orthodontic Practice

Marketing is Connection. 

Marketing is Connection. 

Marketing is Connection. 

Marketing is Connection. 

Marketing is Connection. 

Our Unique Approach

Use Our Proven Method To Get More Patients, Grow Your Orthodontic Practice, and Strengthen Your Brand.

Fortify Your Brand

We work with you to develop your unique voice as an orthodontist, which we use to create marketing content, professional video, and manage your social media.

Build a New Patient Machine

Using the content we create, we build effective orthodontic marketing campaigns that get you quality leads that turn in to new patients.

Accelerate Your Practice

With a solid social media strategy and effective marketing campaigns, we'll optimize your marketing strategies, patient experience, and help with internal growth.

“Smile Connect was born from the idea that practices needed help looking as good on the outside as they truly were on the inside.” -Brad Frost, CEO

Learn More About Our Process.

Brad Frost
Owner, CEO

A team of marketing experts with orthodontic expertise.

With a combined 30 years of orthodontic experience, we have built an expert team that understands an orthodontic practice and how to help it grow.

Social Media Made Easy

Custom social media content that feels authentic.

Amazing things are already happening in your practice. We'll help you capture those moments and put them on social media, so people can get an authentic look into your practice culture. Authenticity creates connection.

Expertly Managed
Orthodontically Experienced
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Ads that work. Quality leads. More new patients.

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Your Story Matters. Your patients’ stories matter.

Build trust and connection before your new patients set foot in your office.

Dr. David Sukoff 5:29

Merrick, NY

Dr. Sukoff talks about how he ended up in Orthodontics, and why he is so passionate about changing his patients’ lives.

Braces by Barnes 3:20

Chicago, IL

Patients of Dr. Eric & Ashley Barnes share the stories on their journey to a new smile.

Humphrey Orthodontics 6:45

Wentzville, MO

We get to know a little more about what makes Dr. Humphrey’s team so amazing.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Dr. Stuart Frost 3:23

Watch Dr. Frost talk about how Smile Connect changed his practice and accelerated his growth.

Dr. Mark Humphrey 3:38

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

Dr. Tal Jergensen 5:19

Dr. Jergensen and his Marketing Coordinator talk about how their experience is different with Smile Connect.

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We’d love to help you grow your practice.

"I feel super fortunate to be connected with Smile Connect. They have brought so much energy to our practice. We have had so much fun and they have made the process easy."

Dr. Barry RouchOrthodontist- Austin, TX

"The team at Smile Connect is truly spectacular... they’ve been so good at content marketing that my practice is growing off the charts."

Dr. Stuart FrostOrthodontist- Mesa, AZ

"First thing I love about working with Smile Connect is their enthusiasm... You can tell they know what are the key things in an orthodontic practice to capture to place on social media.”

Dr. Shannon Hilgers-NissenOrthodontist- Newport Beach, CA