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About Us


We are a team dedicated to growing your practice by building connection into your marketing efforts.

Meet The Team

Meet the driving force behind Smile Connect: a dynamic team of marketing experts deeply rooted in the orthodontic field. Our collective journey of over 30 years has equipped us with the tools to not just meet, but exceed, your goals for practice growth. By marrying innovative marketing techniques with a deep understanding of what makes an orthodontic practice thrive, we deliver results that are both measurable and meaningful. Let's collaborate to capture your story, elevate your practice, and captivate your future patients.

CEO, Founder

Brad Frost

Brad Frost, a visionary at the intersection of dentistry and digital marketing, founded Smile Connect Marketing with a mission to revolutionize dental practices’ digital presence. Born into a family deeply rooted in orthodontics, Brad’s early passion for the field was inspired by his father, Dr. Stuart Frost, a renowned orthodontist known for creating life-changing smiles and fostering a remarkable practice culture.

Despite initially following in his father’s footsteps, Brad’s journey took a unique turn towards technology and marketing, driven by his desire to blend his love for orthodontics with his knack for digital innovation. He recognized the gap between outstanding clinical results and their visibility in the community, prompting him to spearhead digital transformations that elevated his father’s practice into the spotlight.

At Smile Connect Marketing, Brad leverages this blend of insider orthodontic knowledge and digital marketing expertise to offer bespoke strategies that encapsulate the essence of dental practices. From its inception, the agency has evolved from focusing solely on social media to adopting a holistic approach towards digital presence and advertising, aiming to forge genuine connections between practices and their audiences. Under Brad’s leadership, Smile Connect is dedicated to capturing the unique stories of doctors, teams, and patients, crafting campaigns that not only highlight core values and cultures but also drive significant ROI and growth.

Brad envisions Smile Connect as the vanguard of dental marketing, committed to staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies. The agency’s culture is deeply rooted in connection—mirroring the transformative impact of orthodontics on patients’ lives. As a boutique firm, Smile Connect prides itself on fostering close, impactful relationships with each practice, ensuring that every piece of content resonates with authenticity and aligns with the client’s aspirations.

Dedicated to the art of creating smiles, both digitally and through the practices it serves, Brad Frost and Smile Connect Marketing represent the future of dental marketing—where technology meets empathy, and every campaign is a testament to the life-changing power of a smile.

Director of Content

Jill Solomon

Jill has been with Smile Connect for a year and a half, bringing her enthusiasm for outdoor activities to the team. She enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, and spending time in nature. Jillian’s favorite colors are sunflower yellow and purple. She has a diverse taste in music, from heavy metal to rap. Jillian is proud of starting her own fitness coaching business and finds joy in her dog LuciFurr and the mountains. She values the advice of living authentically, drawing inspiration from Mark Manson.

Technical Operations

McKay Johnson

McKay joined the Smile Connect team 6 months ago, and when he’s not at work, he enjoys coaching and playing volleyball. His favorite color is purple. McKay’s  hidden talent is that he can play piano. He finds joy in the support of his parents and lives by the motto “Be a go-giver.” McKay is proud of graduating college and winning a club volleyball national championship with his boys volleyball team that he coaches. He likes listening to his favorite band The Bleachers.

Marketing Assistant

Bea Ebro

Bea has dedicated almost 2 years to Smile Connect, where her optimistic outlook shines. She loves going to the gym and socializing with friends. Yellow is her favorite color, and she enjoys listening to Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and SZA. Bea has two tattoos that hold special meaning for her of both her father and Matthew Perry. Exploring the world brings her joy, and she believes in loving people without expectations. Bea is proud of her degree in Aeronautical Engineering, marking a significant achievement in her life.

Director of Advertising

Jordan Hall

Jordan has been a part of the Smile Connect team for 2 years. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing guitar. His favorite color is blue. Jordan wants people to know about his loving and sentimental side. His family is his greatest joy, and the best advice he has ever received is to sometimes just put yourself first. Jordan is proud of his family and circle of friends. He’s a fan of Abba’s music, which resonates with his own musical interests.

Video Production

Nolan Nissle